Spooky Potato Gnocchi

Spooky Potato Gnocchi

Kathy Hester
Food Blogger
Healthy Slow Cooking

Yield: 4 dozen gnocchi

This recipe elevates potatoes to a frighteningly good Halloween scare. Don’t be nervous if you haven’t made gnocchi before; it’s an easy and forgiving process. 

Gnocchi is traditionally made with semolina flour and potatoes. I’m using a gluten-free baking blend in place of the wheat, which makes these little dumplings gluten-free, but you can use wheat flour, oat flour, or whatever you have on hand.

I colored the ones pictured black by substituting 2 tablespoons of food-grade charcoal for that amount of flour but you could make purple by using purple potatoes, adding a few drops of food coloring, or going with white.

If you choose white, spook them up by using ghost or skull cookie cutters.



  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small chunks. Boil until tender, and drain well in a colander.
  2. Transfer to a large mixing bowl and mash well.
  3. Add in ½ cup of flour and salt. Mix well with your hands, adding the other 1 cup of flour a ½ cup at a time.
  4. Flour a large cutting board and turn out half the dough. Pat flat, about ⅓˝ thick.
  5. Cut out festive and spooky shapes with small cookies cutters. Repeat until all dough is used.
  6. Spread a thick layer of tomato pasta sauce in a large casserole dish, place gnocchi on top, then add a sprinkle of vegan or regular cheese.
  7. Bake at 350° for 20 minutes or until the sauce starts to bubble.
  8. Enjoy!