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Q&A: Inexpensive Lunch Entrees using Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 18, 2009
Q: Any suggestions on an inexpensive lunch entrée using Idaho Potatoes?
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Q&A: Potato Salad Safety

Nov 16, 2009
Q: Could you tell me how long it is safe to keep potato salad out of the refrigerator and on a picnic table?  I have been told it is not the mayo or eggs that go bad but something to do with the starch in the that correct?
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Q&A: Railroads and the Idaho Potato

Nov 13, 2009
Q: How did the Idaho Potato become available outside of Idaho and nearby states? It seems like I have always been able to find it wherever I travel.
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Q&A: Re-conditioning Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 9, 2009
Q: Someone told me that my potatoes have too much sugar in them and that is why they fry up dark.  They said I need to “re-condition” the potatoes.  Can you tell me what exactly this means and how long it takes?
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Tips on Holding Mashed Potatoes

Nov 9, 2009
Q: How long can I hold mashed potatoes on my cafeteria line?
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Q&A: Dessert Potatoes

Nov 5, 2009
Q: I know that Idaho potatoes are good for every meal, but I am just curious…have you ever tasted Idaho potatoes as a dessert item?
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The Popular Yukon Gold

Oct 26, 2009
Q: I see “Yukon Gold” potatoes listed on menus and in food magazine recipes all the time now, does Idaho grow any of this variety and why has it become so popular?
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Q&A: Baking Potatoes Effectively

Oct 23, 2009
Q: We prepare and bake 1,200 Idaho Bakers for our annual BAR-B-QUE.  We normally wash them on Wednesday night and when they are dry we wrap in aluminum foil on Thursday and start baking on Friday morning, for serving that day.  Would it be acceptable if we wash and wrapped on Wednesday night while the bakers are still wet and start baking on Friday?
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Notes on Gnocchi

Oct 21, 2009
Q: I have a friend who just added Gnocchi to his restaurant menu. There is a debate over using russets, red potatoes, or Yukon Golds. What do you recommend?
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All About Latkes

Oct 19, 2009
Q: Any thoughts on how to make Latkes using Idaho Potatoes?
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