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Does a Potato Lose its Nutritional Value When Cooked?

Jun 29, 2021
Q: Does a potato lose its nutritional value or fiber content when baked, fried or microwaved?  
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Summer Potato Grilling Recipes

Jun 21, 2021
Q: Do you have any recipes for potatoes that involve grilling? With summer in full swing my favorite way to cook is outside on the grill.
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I Left My Cubed Potatoes on the Counter Overnight, are They Safe to Eat?

Jun 14, 2021
Q: Hello I cubed about 2 pounds of potatoes last night and put them in olive oil and seasoning, then left them covered in a glass bowl on the counter. I wanted to bake them tonight for dinner, but I'm not sure if these are safe to eat. Please advise.
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Have Potatoes Changed Over the Years?

May 12, 2021
Q: Have potatoes changed over the years? I've noticed that they seem to be more starchy and repel water content when cooked. Can you please explain this?
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What is the Best Way to Freeze Whole Cooked Potatoes?

May 5, 2021
Q: What is the best way to freeze whole cooked potatoes?
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Can I Grow My Own Potatoes?

Apr 28, 2021
Q: I live in Ohio and I'm thinking about growing my own potatoes to serve at my restaurant. Would this be a good idea or should I consult with farmers in Idaho so I know I will be getting a good product? 
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Can I Use an Airfryer for French Fries in My Restaurant?

Apr 20, 2021
Q: I just opened a restaurant where we make fresh-cut French fries and I'm wondering if it's a good idea to cook them in an airfryer so they are healthier. What are your thoughts on this?
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What is the Proper Way to Poke a Baked Potato to Release Steam While Cooking?

Apr 12, 2021
Q: Is there an advantage to creating a deeper poke for a baked potato or is piercing the skin is enough? Will a deeper poke dry it out? 
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How Far in Advance Can I Prep the Potatoes for My Easter Sunday Potato Salad Dish?

Mar 30, 2021
Q: I am making potato salad for Easter Sunday and would like to get as much as possible done ahead of time. How far in advance can I prep the potatoes for my potato salad dish?
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Can a Person with Diabetes Eat Potatoes?

Mar 29, 2021
Q: I have diabetes and am wondering if it's okay to eat potatoes, can you please advise?
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