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Russet Burbank

Russet Burbank


The Russet Burbank variety was developed in 1914 by Lou Sweet, a previous president of the Potato Association of America. Scientist Luther Burbank is credited with the discovery of the original seeds. While Idaho growers have successfully produced many varieties over the years, the Russet Burbank is their greatest commercial success and has established a strong brand equity for the state. It’s a late-maturing variety that requires a 140- to 150-day growing season.


The exterior skin is relatively thin and light brown in color. The exterior shape is oval and slightly flattened, with few shallow eyes. The interior is off-white to ivory and moderately dense.

Flavor Profile:

A distinctive, earthy potato flavor. The high solid (starch) yields a grainy texture and slightly chewy skin. Bakes up dry and fluffy; fries crisp and golden brown.


Fresh, frozen, or dehydrated, this variety is ideal for all preparation styles.

Shippers For This Variety: